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THEME: Tools for Change

  • The Impact of Workplace Culture on Safety and Productivity: Managing Workplace Harassment and Violence Under Bill 30
    In this session we will explore current health and safety policy and learn about best practices to strengthen safety, training and productivity. (Sponsored by Canada's Building Trades Unions)
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  • Diversity, Inclusion and Retention: How To Really Change The Face of Industry
    This session will showcase real examples of leadership and practices that are breaking down barriers and encouraging more inclusive workplaces. (Sponsored by Chevron Canada Resources)
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  • WBF Presents WORK PROUD: Building Leadership for Your Inclusion Journey - A Case Study Approach
    This session highlights the journeys of WBF and Finning to create safe, productive workplaces that are diverse and inclusive. (Sponsored by CAREERS: The Next Generation)
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Earlier Event: October 3
Later Event: October 3